Low Oxalate Diet; Explained in a Nutshell

Oxalate is a simple molecule which can be found in living beings such as humans, plants, and animals, it is capable to link itself with calcium and could undergoing crystallization given some circumstances and conditions, especially when it encounters any damaged tissue. The crystals that are formed in such way are generally harmful and can be quite a pain, particularly since it is capable of creating inflammation in the said damaged tissues. If they are lodged in one place for too long, there is a likely potential threat that they could be in the way of other bodily functions by hindering the movement of things.

While there are many reasons why oxalate can be a pain given some conditions, part of the reasons why oxalate could pose such treat can be traced back to the matter of diet. Some suggest that you might need to consume low oxalate diet every now and then to help clearing a formed kidney stone or to prevent them.

If someone had history with kidney stone, then there is an even more likely risk it would occur again. Since the most common composition of kidney stone includes oxalate and calcium, eating low oxalate foods such as white rice, apples, bananas, artichokes, asparagus, and many more! You can look up through list of low oxalate food and find the ones that strikes your fancy. The list of the said foods are quite many to be counted, and therefore you don’t have to worry about consuming boring healthy food to keep your body’s oxalate substances in check.

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